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Classical Music Jukebox

My entry to the Mozilla Devderby for Drag and Drop in January 2013

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This application is a music jukebox containing classical music records, you can listen to compositions of famous composers like Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart and Chopin.

Developed using Twitter Bootstrap for layout and styling, Backbone, Underscore and Mustache for Javascript interactions. Audio link sources are from the Wikipedia.

Audio works only for browsers supporting OGG audio format and the audio tag

Build to work with the native Drag and Drop API from HTML5

Music Player

Take an album from the right column and drop it here.

  1. Drag an album from the right column to the disc player to play its contents.
  2. Drag the playing album back to the right column to return it.
  3. After an album is set to play, you can also use drag & drop any track from the list to its playing order.